GUIDE: Practical tips to obtaining funding for your SOCCERENA

Raising money for sport is seldom easy. However, money is available to build new facilities or improve existing ones. Funding is also available for developing grass roots sporting activities/projects/initiatives within local communities. Sports clubs, community and local groups can all apply to a variety of funders for assistance in developing their ideas.

The information provided here is not exhaustive but should be viewed as a basic guide to some of the funding opportunities available. Funding streams are regularly updated so the information detailed may/may not be current. It is advisable that you contact the various organisations directly or visit their websites for up-to-date position on Funding

This information will be of interest to a wide range of groups and organisations, but has been specifically designed to help individuals and organisations working in the area of sport, recreation and physical activity. It will therefore be of particular interest to:

  • Sports clubs and organisations
  • Sports volunteers/coaches/officials
  • Uniformed groups
  • Other organisations who provide sport activities/opportunities

If you need further advice or guidance on how to put in a bid for funds please contact us for further advice.

Potential Funding Opportunities

The Football Foundation (England Only):

Facilities Grants: £1-£20k (60% Max funding 40% Match funding required)
Small Grants: £1-£9k (90% Max funding 10% Match funding required)
Community Grants: £10k-£250K (60% Max funding 40% Match funding required)

Big Lottery (Entire UK):
The big lottery have a large amount of funding streams that differ from region to region, however two schemes that may be suitable are:
Awards For All: £300-£10k (100% Funding however any match funding secured assists in any bids)
Young Peoples Fund 2 Local Grants: £10k-£500k (100% funding however any match funding secured assists in any bids)

Sport England (England Only):

Sports England is divided up regionally and each region has different outcomes that they are looking to fund via their Regional Investment Strategies.

Community Investment Fund: Grants over £10k (Match funding needs to be secured prior to application)

Children In Need (Entire UK):
The fund re opens in September 08 and is for not for profit organisations working with disadvantaged children aged 18years and under

Sports Match (Entire UK):
Sportsmatch will £1 for £1 match any sponsorship money received as long as you fit within their criteria:

  • They will not fund individuals only organisations
  • They will not fund large capital projects
  • They will fund capital project up to £10k that focus on growing and sustaining participation.

Government Funding (Entire UK):
This website has 100’s of funding pots direct from government. It has a search engine that filters the funding stream to suit what your project requires.

Princes Trust (Entire Uk):
Community Cash awards: Young people aged 16-24 can apply for up to 5k for initiatives within their communities.

Other Potential Sources Of Local Funding
Local Authority:
Below are a couple of avenues to explore, however not all local authorities have exactly the same set up as others but may be worth contacting as a source of local match funding:

Youth Opportunity Fund: Young people must apply
Community Safety Teams/Youth Diversionary Activities: For Community groups providing positive activities usually in Anti Social Behavior Areas.


The information provided in this guide is produced by SOCCERENA UK. While every effort has been made to ensure that the contents are accurate we shall not at any time be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage or expenditure arising from reliance placed upon the information. This information is intended as a guide, and should be supplemented where necessary by professional advice.