Choose between two large well-balanced trailers to carry your SOCCERENA and accessories, including floor surfaces. Trailers are lined on the floor and inside walls to protect the panels and stands. Easy to pull, twin axle trailers with roller shutter rear doors. Min vehicle engine spec 2.0L petrol or diesel turbo.

All prices exclude VAT and delivery.

SOCC12 trailer
Suitable for 12m x 8m and 15m x 10m units
Size - 12' long x 6' wide x 6' 6
Gross weight - 2.6 tonnes
Net trailer weight - 700kg
Max load wight - 1.9 tonnes
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SOCC14 trailer
Suitable for 18m x 12m and 18m x 14m units
Size - 14' long x 6' wide x 6' 6
Gross weight - 3.5 tonnes
Net trailer weight - 750kg
Max load wight - 2.7 tonnes
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