Testimonials and Feedback from SOCCERENA users

The Soccerena and the interlocking pitch surface are fantastic tools in providing a unique playing experience for young people in positive diversionary activities right on their doorstep. It is a great piece of kit that is easily transportable on the trailer and is easy to assemble in a short period of time. In all, a wonderful portable training/playing facility that the youngsters (and coaching staff!) love to play on.

Link: http://www.wba.premiumtv.co.uk

Ryan Maye / West Bromwich Albion FC

Purchasing the Soccerena has been a great asset to Plymouth Argyle’s Football in the Community Scheme. It allows us the opportunity to deliver football and other multi-sports activities. The Soccerena helps us take activities to the doorstep of various communities and groups. It is used within our Kickz project three nights a week, and many other social inclusion projects. Before the Soccerena Plymouth Argyle’s Football in the Community Scheme have had difficulty in delivering Inclusion projects to housing estates and deprived communities due to the lack of facilities and cost. Using the Soccerena we can construct our own safe facility for children to interact and develop their skills. The Soccerena also gives a “stadium” presence for young people who see it as their stage to participate on especially with the flooring and floodlights. It is a also great way to advertise campaigns on the boards and is also a great way to promote your company. Without the Soccerena we would find it very hard to deliver our diversionary work. A unique piece of equipment.

Link: http://www.pafc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/Community/0,,10364~1315506,00.html

Mark Lovell / Football Diversity Officer, Pymouth Argyle Football Club

I’d loved to have had something like Streetwork Soccer when I was a kid. It’s difficult growing up when there’s not much to do in your area but something like a portable football pitch provides something other than just hanging around. This fantastic new pitch will be going into communities that have few facilities of their own to help reduce anti-social behaviour problems and give young people the chance to kick a ball around. Areas like East Craigs in Edinburgh.

Links: http://www.heartsfc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/CommunitiesDetail/0,,10289~948036,00.html

Andrew Driver / Hearts FC

The beauty of this mobile pitch is that it can be transported easily to different parts of the city, reaching youngsters who might not be using other sports facilities. In areas where they have been problems with youth disorder it will provide a practical and fun alternative to hanging about on street corners.

Links: http://www.citylocal.co.uk/cities/Brighton/news/article/14186/

Vanessa Brown / Chairman, Brighton & Hove City Council's Children, Families and Schools Committee

Providing opportunities such as this mobile football pitch is a great way of diverting young people from anti-social behaviour and disorder.

Inspector Laurence Taylor / Brighton & Hove Police